Our top 5 tips to train effectively at home

top tips for home training

It’s a challenging time.

We’re all learning how to adapt, how to stay healthy both physically and mentally and how to best stay active.

We are doing the same within business and trying to adapt and stay agile to be able to help our community as best we can throughout this tip.

Well before we opened out performance training and performance gym in South Melbourne we trained people predominately in theiur own homes.

Right back in 2004 we begun visiting people in their garages, living rooms, back yards and on their decks and we started to realise what it takes to make progress in this environment.

We’ve pout together this list of our top 10 tips for succeeding when training from home.

1.) Have a designated space you like to train in.

Where that be your living room, garage or you have a space where you like to train, keep whatever gear you have within reach and easily accessible when you train.

2.) Set yourself aside designated time.

Whether you’re following online streamed classes like the ones we are now offering or an app driven program or simply making up your own workouts treat it like any other appointment or meeting. It should not be missed! Don’t let your training start to slip down your list of priorities. Especially at ta time like this. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

3.) Improvise!

Perfect is the enemy or effective. I posted to social media recently all of the inventive ways people are looking to load their workout during our live stream. I’ve put a list below but a member using a crockpot and another using a old iMac were my two personal favourites so far.

4.) Be social.

We are in a time of social isolation. So do what you can to be social! Join an online fitness class, FaceTime your friends while you’re working through your own workout. Set each other mini challenges like the #see30do30 pushup challenge on instagram. Connection is what it means to be human. Don’t lose your humanity at this time. Check in on others and encourage the ones along for the rise that you think might really need it.

5.) Stay positive!

This too shall pass. Imagine telling the stories of your little wins and the challenges that you’ve overcome to your friends and loved ones in 6 months or 12 months time. Although this all feels very real right now it will be nothing more than a distant memory soon enough. Ride it out and find some positives through out it.

We have started an equipment library for all of our members to borrow gear to use in there make sift gyms at home as its become pretty challenging to be able to get your hands on any gym equipment at the moment. Everywhere from Rebel Sport to industry suppliers like IronEdge are sold out.

So here are a few ways to fashion together an effective load fr you to use in your sessions:

  • Load a back pack with water bottles for squats. You can modify the weight heavier and lighter by adding or taking away water bottles from the back pack.
  • Use two chairs and a broom stick for a make shift pull up station
  • Wrap together a few old text books or phone books for a step block or odd implement for lifting

Hopefully these insights will really help you to get the most out of this time and hit the ground running when all of this is behind us.

Who know you might enjoy your virtual live streamed classes or home gym access so much that you continue on with a session or two each week from your new designated training space.

Want some help along the way? Become a Virtual Training Member here. You’ll access to all of our livestreamed classes and much, much more!

Got any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments below.


August Update:

Unfortunately since I originally wrote this blog post I’ve had a lot more experience in running VIRTUAL Livestream Classes and video based one on one performance training sessions.

Some of my learnings from this time that have been great for making the livestream experience better for our members are:

  • Bluetooth Wireless Ear Phones help a lot. You can hear all of the coaching tips and advice no matter how far from you streaming advice you are. You coach/trainer can also hear you better and there is less echoing from the background if you are training in a big room/garage.
  • Non-slip Yoga mats are a great addition. A cheap and simple addition to your hoe workout set up can be a cheap and easy to store non-slip yoga mat. They will be used in just about every class.

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