Lazy Sunday @ Moomba

Good Morning boys and girls, there is only one thing better than waking up on a Sunday morning and having the day all to yourself, and that is knowing it’s a long weekend and you have Monday to relax to.

If your stuck for ideas on what to get up to today then you are in for a treat because over the long weekend Melbourne’s annual Moomba festival is running. With loads of activities and fun things to see and do your sure to be in for a great day. There is the music stage with performances from Lisa Mitchell, The Verses and Ross Wilson to name a few. Along with a carnival, silent disco, the Moomba Parade, Waterskiing and a fire show just to name a few things. But how can you forget that today is also the day of the Birdman Rally, so get down there and have a laugh at some crazy people jumping into the Yarra river.

The Moomba Festival is located in the heart of Melbourne, spilling across Alexandra Gardens, Birrarung Marr and the Yarra River, between Princes Bridge and Swan Street Bridge.

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