Lazy Sunday @ Ten Pin Bowling

Good morning everyone. Welcome to yet another Sunday even if this one doesn’t appear as though it is going to be quite as nice a day as we have been having lately.

However don’t despair because as usual we are here to the rescue with an great way to have a fun sunday afternoon and stay out of Melbourne’s rain. Today why don’t you head on down to your local 10 pin bowling centre with your family or some friends and organise yourself a couple of games and you can finally make use of all those bicep curls your trainer has had you doing.

Don’t be shy to have at least one game with the bumpers on either  you can have a lot of fun seeing how many times you can get it to bounce off the rails. If your really keen to get some extra exercise you may even be able to do some weights with the bowling ball while you wait for your turn to do some bowling…Just wishful thinking!

So on this miserable looking Sunday afternoon stay out of the rain and check out one of Melbourne’s 10 pin bowling centres.

We’d love to hear your best score.

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