Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Training 20

Well it looks as though Summer is starting to warm up with some high temperatures expected in Melbourne through out the next few days. What better way to enjoy the sunshine than to get outside and get stuck into man up monday workout.

For todays session we will be doing some shuttle runs. So get on down to one of Melbourne’s sunny parks and set up some cones or objects 10m apart for 50m.

The workout will be a shuttle run (start to 10m cone, back to start, up to 20m cone, back to start etc) completed as fast as possible.

Once you have completed the shuttle up to the 50m cone have a 60 second rest.

Repeat this until you have done 9 sets of the shuttle. After every 3rd set take an extra minute break if you feel as though you need it.

Good luck and remember to slip, slop, slap in the sun.

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