Man Up Monday Personal Fitness Workout 16

Well guys, it looks as though we are going to have another day full of great weather, so what better way to enjoy the sun than getting outside for a huge cardio session.

For todays Man Up Monday workout you will need to get your self a stop watch as we will be doing some running with a bit of a fartlek training influence.

Make sure you have a good warm up and then follow these running patterns for 20 – 30 minutes:

Jog 1 min

Fast run (≈90% of max) 1 min

Slow jog / walk 30 sec

Fast run (≈90% of max) 1 min

Continue to cycle through this pattern for 20 -30 minutes

Let us know how you go with this type of Fartlek training.

Have fun  & enjoy the sunshine

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