Man Up Monday Personal Training Workout 4

Well folks here it is, the kick start to your weeks training to get you back into the gym after the weekend. The ‘Man Up’ workouts are designed to be tough and not for the faint hearted. And today’s is no exception. And for today’s workout only attempt this if you have a workout partner with you that is a competent ‘spotter’ as you will be required to lift heavy loads.

For today’s session you are going to do a one repetition maximum (1RM) for a few different exercises. Knowing this will be helpful in your training, to help set appropriate weights that will challenge you and help maximize your results.

The protocol for this is the same for all exercise’s but we will start with the bench press.

Warm up with a set of 10 repetitions using a light – moderate weight.
Rest for 3 minutes

With a moderate – heavy weight perform 5 repetitions.
Rest for 3 minutes

Now starting the main protocol add around 5% to the previous weight lifted and perform 1 rep.
Rest for 3 minutes

From here continue to add weight in small increments. Performing 1 rep and resting for 3 minutes.

Your 1RM will be the last weight successfully lifted.
Eg: 50kg lifted successfully
52.5kg lifted successfully
55kg lifted successfully
57.5kg lifted successfully
60kg NOT lifted successfully

Your 1RM will be 57.5kg

You should aim to reach your maximum within 4-5 attempts which is why it is very important to start on an appropriate weight for your strength levels. The 3 minutes rest is important allow your muscles a chance to recover from the previous attempt.

Once you have completed the bench press test repeat the protocol for:
Squat: but ensure you have an excellent technique if you are to attempt this, if you are unsure at all use dumbbells rather than a barbell.

Chin ups: if you are unable to do a chin up you can use the assisted machine for this and reduce the assistance as you go.
To add weight to a chin up you can use a weight belt, chain and weight plate or place a dumbbell between your lower legs and secure by crossing your ankles.

If you suffer from or at risk of heart disease or high blood pressure please DO NOT attempt this for your own safety.
Also as the test requires you to ‘fail’ to determine the result, that is why it is extremely important to have a ‘spotter’ with you for safety reasons.

Be sure to post your results. We would love to know how you went.

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