Man Up Monday Workout – ‘Body Weight Ascending Ladder’

This weeks workout is an “Body Weight Ascending Ladder’ circuit. Each time you complete one round of the circuit the number of reps for the next round will increase.

The rounds will start at 3 reps an go up by 3’s to 21. so 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 21 will be your rep numbers for:

Narrow Grip Push Ups (Hands directly under shoulder,keep elbows close to your body and lower chest to the ground, then push back up)

Sumo Squats (Feet out in a wide stance and squat)

Chin Ups / Pull Ups (Using a chin up bar ull your self up until your head is above the bar)

Box Jumps (Jump onto a box at least 30cm high, step back down)

V Sit (Lay on ground with legs straight and arms stretched behind head, raise your legs and sit up to touch toes)

Lunges (Step forward and drop rear knee to the ground then return to a standing position and repeat on the other side)

All reps must be completed before moving onto to the next exercise. 

Good Luck! Remember to post your time below.

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4 thoughts on “Man Up Monday Workout – ‘Body Weight Ascending Ladder’

  1. Nathan

    Got through in 20:16 but swapped narrow grip push up for single arm push up and chin ups for single arm horizontal pull up. Hyperextended elbow wasn’t going to appreciate the weight bearing.

  2. Luke

    Dave… Are you really trying to get your point across that you got through it in 20:52… Or have you done it three times with the same result! 🙂

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