March Bootcamp Enlisting Now!

March BootcampFitness, strength and the ability to survive modern suburban warfare…

All thrown into an action packed hours class every Saturday morning at 0900 hrs!

We won’t use any army inspired training techniques and punishments to get you moving.

But you’re gonna be working hard!

It’s all about working at your own levels, but with the extra motivation and constant help to push you along.

Boot camp locations will vary to ensure that no two sessions will be the same.

This will help keep you motivated and get those results you’re after whilst enjoying your time with us.

The Bootcamp style of training is a great way to burn more energy and fat, improve your metabolism, lose weight and tone up and increase your fitness.

These sessions will be high intensity and designed to get you the best results possible in the quickest time.

Each session consists of a large variety of activities which are tailored to your goals;

Types of activities in our boot camps are:
-Boxing (no contact of course!)
-Aerobic/cardiovascular training
-Resistance training (involving body weight exercises, med balls, dumbbells)
-Running and agility courses
-Activity adapted from sport
-Alternative activity (A few surprises)
-And a number of different workout systems!

Best of all we runs our Bootcamps outdoors in Melbourne beautiful parks & gardens.

So get those results you are after and have fun doing it!

To enlist please email enquiries@revolutiononline.com.au
or call 1300 362 311.

Places are limited so please be fast.
Deployment date is Saturday the 6th of March at 0900 hrs.
Good luck Soldiers!

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