Nutritious Snacks

Snack AttackMany people choose to snack between meals, others not so much. Each individual is different in what their body needs, but most importantly, if snacking throughout the day, you need to choose healthy and nutritious snacks. Snacking between meals is extremely important for people who are diabetic, people who want to lose weight, young children and active people.

There are many positives to consuming small amounts of food throughout the day, including managing hunger pains, maintaining blood sugar levels, refuelling your body, preventing overeating at main meals, and obtaining more nutrients. Planning and choosing healthy snacks is important, because they can add fibre and essential nutrients to your diet, and help you avoid unwanted calories.

The best snacks are ones that are healthy, nutrient-dense food. There are many options for healthy snacks for both adults and children, such as fresh fruit and vegetables, high-fibre breakfast cereals, plain popcorn, canned fruit in natural juices, boiled eggs, low fat muesli bars, baked beans, low fat dips (like tzatziki), cup-a-soups, low fat dairy-based snacks (milk, cheese, yoghurt, smoothies, custards), wholemeal bread/rolls, rice crackers and natural nuts, just to name a few. If you are unprepared and need to choose processed foods for snacks, aim for low-fat, low-sugar options and low-calorie options.

There are many ways to include healthy snacking options into your everyday diet; just make sure you plan ahead, always have healthy, appropriate snacks on hand and don’t feel you always have to eat, just because its morning tea time. This will help you to lose weight, feel energised and enhance your diet.

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