For about the last fifteen years we have been honing our programming.

We’ve been testing the schedule, tweaking the set up, refining the days, balancing out the year and we feel we have nailed it. We’ve come to a set up that works amazingly well and that gets amazing results for our clients.

We have recently opened up the ability for our hard working members to be able to access that programming whenever suits them best. They can access exactly what we are doing here in the gym when they’re not able to make it into the gym.

We’ve set up their programming in a way that if they can’t get to a strength session as they are travelling for business that they can instead head to a local ‘big box’ gym and work their way through precisely what they would have (minus the world class coaching of course) here in the gym.

We now feel the time is right for us to release that same opportunity to the wider community.

We are only opening up this opportunity to 10 individuals over the initial 12 week block.

If you are keen to get involved you can do so for only $10 per month per program stream.

You can access these programs here:

Pure Strength – Fundamental big, classic compound lifts that will get you strong.

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training – Cardiovascular capacity building and calorie shredding at its best. Get fitter, faster.

MetCon – Metabolic Conditioning – Build your work capacity. Combine endurance, power output, strength and conditioning and increase your basal metabolism. Train your body to burn more calories, even when you’re at rest.

Strongman – Modified Strongman training. Designed to take the strength you develop in the gym and better apply it to real world scenarios.

Mobility – Move better. Perform better. The easiest way to improve at anything is to become more efficient at how you do it. This class will help you to achieve optimal posture throughout movement and when at rest.

Consistency in my training is the best way to ensure I reach my goals. Since using Train Heroic, I’ve been able to take my fitness to a new level. It doesn’t matter if I am interstate for work, or away on holidays, I can always make sure I get the same workout as those in the gym. Train Heroic is simple to use, and a fantastic way to keep yourself accountable.
– Aaron Johnson

We’re really excited to bring you and the other 11 initial online members on board. We look forward to communicating with you online via the app forum and seeing exactly what you’re capable of achieving.

If you have any questions about anything with regards to our programming and the how of what we offer with our online programming please either call me directly on 0417 590 247 or send me an email to

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Luke Scott

Founder/Managing Director

Revolution Performance Training