Exercise plays an important role in the recovery of covid, particularly for those who have had mild symptoms, it is important however to consult your doctor about exercise for those who have had severe symptoms. It is safe to exercise at low intensity for 15 minutes just to see how you feel, the experts advise it is safe to do so if; 

  • you’ve had at least 7 days with no symptoms 
  • you’ve had 10 days of rest since symptoms started 
  • you’re no longer taking any medications such as paracetamol 

Understand that your body may have gone through some changes during phases of your recovery and the 1 rep max or personal PBs may need to wait for another day or at least you have built up to a phase that you are prepared for, remember intensity and volume of training need to be managed. 

Easing the pace of your ‘getting back into it’ can be of greater benefit as going overly hard more than your body can handle can potentially do you more harm by way of injury and over-exertion. This also should be adapted when it comes to starting exercise for the first time or from a long layoff. Training should be a process of increments, just like the weights that you build up to become stronger. 

For those who are unable to train at your local, traveling abroad, or would rather train at your own convenience and location, we have refined our online programming to just that, easing you into exercise with a minimum amount of equipment.  

Starting at our lower level ‘Beginner Program’ we give you a variety and gradual volume and intensity so that you can maximize your potential. 

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