Revolution Trainer: Timothy Riley

Personal Trainer Tim RileySPECIALITY: Crossfit

Fitness for Timothy is a serious subject. After 8 years in the Australian Army he sees fitness as not only a great way of staying healthy but an integral part of preparing one’s self for the challenges and trials that life can throw at you. This former Infantry soldier saw service in the Solomon Island, East Timor and Afghanistan knows all about how fitness shapes you mentally as well as physically. He qualified as a Combat Fitness Leader, slogged it out on a Reconnaissance Course, and successfully passed the SAS Selection Course. He loves doing obstacle courses and how they have found their way into the civilian fun run world. After completing his Certificate 3 and 4 in fitness his intent is to combine his knowledge learnt during his career and bring that same know how and ethos to those willing to challenge themselves. So see you in the gym. Who dares wins.

Training Style & Influences

I love my fitness to be functional and applicable to everyday settings. I believe that your fitness needs to be across multiple disciplines from running to boxing, from weights to gymnastics. Crossfit is definitely what I spend most of my time doing, however I believe there are a lot of other forms and styles of fitness that can be applied to ready oneself for the combat of daily life. Obviously my time in the military has shaped this view and I fervently believe that inside every person there is a warrior spirit waiting to burst out, a warrior spirit which can be applied to everyday living.


  • Level 1 Master Trainer

  • Level 1 Crossfit Trainer

  • Punchfit Trainer Qualified

  • Certificate IV in Fitness

  • Certificate III in Fitness                   

Personal Profile

•    Favourite Food:     A good gourmet pizza.

•    Favourite Drink:   Water always does the job.

•    Favourite Sport:    Boxing and obstacle courses.

•    Favourite Music:   Probably the only person who loves the bag pipes, but for day to day listening I’m always tuned to Triple J.

•    Favourite Movie: Warrior, Thin Red Line, The Odd Man Out (don’t know it, look it up, classic!).

•    Likes:     A good sunny day, the potential feels endless.

•    Dislikes:     The word can’t.

•   Hobbies:     Hiking, fun runs and the occasional computer game.

•    Who Inspires You:     My family and anyone who pushes themselves to the limit.

•    Life Philosophy:     Nothing ventured nothing gained. Who dares wins.

Why I Became a Personal Trainer

I’ve always enjoyed instructing and training people. One of the best courses I did in the army was the Combat Fitness Leaders Course. A course designed to qualify soldiers in taking their comrades through fitness testing and group fitness circuits. I loved that course and once I had the chance to put it into practice I went at it whole heartedly. Upon leaving the army I wanted to bring all that knowledge and experience to the rest of the world, so becoming a personal trainer seemed the right fit for me.

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