The Acai Berry – The New Weight Loss Superfood

By Michela DiTocco
The Acai berry is a fruit from the Amazonian palm tree located in the Brazilian rainforest. It has been well publicised of its antioxidant effects, which are much greater than a lot of other fruits and berries available. It is naturally lower in sugar than some other fruits and can be consumed alone or in juices, smoothies or as a dietary supplements.  The Acai berry has 10 times more antioxidants than the average red grape and 10-30 times more than the flavenoids found in red wine.
The Acai berry has been known for its weight loss benefits and can be a great weight loss aid. This berry has a great composition of essential fatty acids (EFA), amino acids, fibre and phytosterols, which are important in increasing your metabolism, enhancing digestion and reducing appetite.  The EFA are needed by our body to maintain proper health and the Acai berry is rich in Omega 3 & 6 which the body can use to improve your metabolism. The amino acids found in the berry are the building blocks for proteins and your body uses these to build and regenerate muscles from resistance training and other exercises. The fibre is important in cleansing your digestive system and improving the absorption of nutrients in the body, while phytosterols are the body’s building blocks for cell membranes which help strengthen our digestive tract. All of these properties will help your body function at its optimal level and help your body lose weight through increased metabolism, increased energy levels and acting as an appetite suppressant.
This little berry does a lot more for you than its proclaimed weight loss effects. It also provides you with a sense of energy and well being. Many nutritionists claim that this berry helps to improve digestion, cleanse the intestines, support cardiovascular health, increase mental clarity, reduce insomnia, enhance vision, slow down the aging process, building muscles, improving the immune system and circulation, increase fat loss, improve injury and workout recovery, and finally increase energy levels. It is even believed that the high potency antioxidants found in this berry can possibly prevent certain forms of cancer.
As not all the health claims made about the Acai berry have been scientifically proven, there are no specific guidelines as to how to include this berry into your diet. Also the weight loss benefits are not equal to every individual and this product is sometimes difficult to obtain and can be expensive. There isn’t a specific “Acai berry weight loss diet” that you can follow. However, including this superfood with a well balanced diet will assist in your weight loss or improved general health, whichever you desire.

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