Upstream Challenge

Saturday the 19th of November was an awesome day for staying indoors, dry and warm, not leaving your house for the entire day. Maybe watching a few DVD’s. If you wanted to train it wasn’t a day for a sunny outdoors run enjoying the fresh air, maybe a gym day or even a swim (in the huge puddle at your local park).

So what did the members of Team Revolution do… Walked 50 km’s! The Upstream Challenge is a 50km walk from Docklands to Donvale raising money for Camp Quality, Disability Sport and Recreation, Entrust Foundation and Leprosy Mission Australia.

We kicked off at 7:00am from the Docklands. The walked started with the rain staying at bay – but at about 10km’s the heavens opened and we got saturated. From then on the day just got more wet with no opportunity to dry out. The walk was a really great experience but also a mentally exhausting challenge.

After our clothes dried out, and our body and blisters recovered we had forgotten the rain and remembered how fun the 50km walk was. Next year Team Revolution will be doing it again with the goal to beat this year’s placing finishing as the 9th team, completing the walk in 8 hours flat. We will also aim to beat our fundraising effort next time around.

Thank you to all of our supporters: fundraisers, support crew along the way and a Team members mum picking us up at the end! Team Revolution raised $460.00 and finished the walk in 9th Place! So next year join Team Revolution and be part of something great for charities that need our help!

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