Want to know the recipe to success?

Jane Erbacher: Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of the Your Revolution Podcast, my name’s Jane Erbacher, and I’m your host. Hope this podcast finds you happy and well and enjoying everything that’s going on. I’ve arrived back in Salt Lake City today, which is pretty exciting, ’cause I absolutely love this place. And I spent last week, the start of last week in Austin, Texas, so I made it back to Austin, and that was where I recorded this week’s podcast, which is with the owners of Of the Lion Fitness. OTL.

That is Dave and Courtney DeLeon. And they are absolute guns. I love them both so much, and I’m really excited to bring you this episode, I’ve been on them for over a year now to be on the podcast, ’cause they’re just those people that you meet that you know are going somewhere, and you know have a really interesting story and they did not disappoint at all with this week’s podcast. We talked a lot about … so last week on the podcast we had Joe and Dan from Varsity, and we talked a lot about how to turn passion into profit, and that seems to be a similar theme with Dave and Courtney because they are absolutely living out their passion in the gym that they run and own, and they people that they’re meeting and affecting, and changing their lives, really.

And so I’ve called today’s episode The Recipe for Success, because it was so great listening to Dave and Courtney talk with absolute surety that what they are doing is what they’re here to do. And they’re doing it with every ounce of their being. I love when you talk to those people and they’re not just killing it in terms of business, and doing great in terms of their career, but they’re in a great relationship. These two are married, and they’re running a great business together. And they have one of those relationships that, you’re around them, and it’s what you want too.

They never put each other down, they don’t bicker. They have absolute respect for each other, and they both think the other person is the greatest person in the world. And you can tell that by the way that they look at each other, and the way that they speak to each other, and the way that they speak about each other. And so, and the other way that they’re super successful is in their health and fitness and bodies, and attitude they’ve got in their bodies. So, I always love learning from people like that about, if there is a system that they apply to each of these areas of their life to make themselves do so well, and be so happy, and feel so good, and look so good. And perform well.

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