…and WE’RE BACK!

We’re super excited to get back to business and relaunch doing things the way we know best.

As of June the 22nd we are reopening our facility again.

To keep us all safe and healthy we have put together the following guidelines when training with us here at RevoPT.

These guidelines are evolving and will be adjusted as needed.

New Safety and Cleaning Procedures:

All RevoPT Team Members have completed a certificate in Infection Control Training for COVID-19.

Our team and members all have the option to wear masks and gloves if they choose to. Members have the choice to bring their masks and gloves from home to use.

All visitors to RevoPT must use hand sanitiser OR wash their hands with soap for no less than 20 second upon entering the facility. This includes coaches, members, and family. This has been made readily available at the entrance to the studio and bathrooms, and is also available prior to any outdoor session.

Hand wash signs are placed at all sink basins and hand sanitiser posters are available throughout the facility.

The entrance door and door to the rear common area will be left open to minimise common points of contact.

VIRTUAL Livestream classes are still available for those not ready to come back to the studio, ​and will be ongoing. We have loved offering these sessions and will continue to offer VIRTUAL Livestream class ongoing​.

All equipment has been cleaned and sanitised before reopening.

New cleaning resources have been made available for our new cleaning systems and will be evident on site.

A new cleaning roster has been designed with many more cleaning checks of frequent touchpoint surface areas such as iPads, counter tops, door handles and equipment.

Anyone exhibiting any cold or flu symptoms are not allowed access to the studio. This includes RevoPT Team Members.

All visitors to the studio will be asked if they have recently returned to Australia from overseas, or have had contact with anyone diagnosed with Coronavirus within the last 21 days. If the answer is yes, they will not be able to access the facility for the safety of all members and coaches until they have received medical clearance to do so.

Social distancing must be observed in all training sessions to a distance of 1.5 meters.

Group Training Classes:

All sessions must be pre booked. For classes sign up to the class in the RevoPT App a minimum of 24 hours prior to class commencing. This is to ensure we do not and exceed the limit within the studio. Failure to book will result in the participant not being able to participate in class.

We also ask that you cancel your place should you not be attending at the earliest possible time to allow anyone on the waitlist the opportunity to participate. The maximum number of attendees allowed per class is 8.

A no-touch policy has been implemented in teaching classes. Verbal cues are to be used instead.

Members are to use mats only in the designated areas.

Each member is allocated their own equipment and training space for the duration of a class. All efforts will be made to reduce any shared equipment within classes.

We recommend that members bring their own mats, however if RevoPT mats are to be used, we ask that they are sanitised thoroughly with the resources provided after being used. The RevoPT Team will be reinforcing this.

It is compulsory to use a towel. If possible, we recommend bringing 2 towels to ensure that one can be used for comfort when using equipment and another for the sole purpose of drying yourself if needed. Towels are available to purchase if needed for $10.

An area of 4.5 square meters has been allocated for each training station per person. The areas have been clearly marked and we ask that members strictly abide by the area marked.

Class timetable has been reduced temporarily. We know many of you are social creatures and our community is one of the things that sets us apart. However if you would like to chat both before or after class, we kindly ask that you do so at a safe distance outside of the studio to allow other members to come in and prepare for their session.

Performance Training Appointments

As with group training classes a no-touch policy has been implemented in teaching classes. Verbal cues are to be used instead.

Your trainer will do everything possible to ensure a safe and effective environment for you at all times.

All sessions must be pre booked and we ask that wherever possible consistency of schedule is much appreciated as we are doing all we can to maintain our ability to assist as many members as we can in attending the studio when suits them best.

Member Responsibilities:

Members are asked to stay at home and not attend the facility if they are unwell or are exhibiting and cold or flu like symptoms.

New members and guests will be asked if they have had COVID-19, been exposed to person’s with COVID-19, or have experienced symptoms within the last 21 days as part of our initial health screening. A doctor’s clearance may be requested prior to commencing training at RevoPT if the answer to any of the above is yes.

Members are asked to abide by social distance laws of 1.5 meters between other members and the RevoPT Team.

Please remember to smile and enjoy yourself, we are in this together.


In the event there is a reported COVID-19 positive case in the studio the relative authorities will be contacted and the members who had potential contact will be notified. The studio will be disinfected to ensure it is safe to resume training.

Feedback as always is appreciated by the RevoPT family and we can’t wait to see you all in person again.

– Luke

Fitness Australia Framework of Operations for Fitness Facilities Under Covid-19 Restrictions