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Kiara Johnson

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Kiara Johnson

Specialty: Sport Science

“Start with solid foundations and build from there.”

One of the longest serving members of the RevoPT team, Kiara has been training Revolution clients for almost 10 years.

Initially, she juggled her PT work with an office job, working as a Business Development Manager. But the office 9-5 left her feeling unhappy and unfulfilled leading Kiara to make a change and do what she loved full-time. For Kiara, her loves for personal training comes from inspiring others to make changes too. She loves the role she plays in educating her clients to help them live their best life.

With Kiara as your trainer you can expect plenty of functional exercises that work all major muscle groups. She believes that strength starts with a solid foundation, and is known for working on the ‘under layers’ of her clients. With a background in yoga and pilates, Kiara will start by building your body’s core strength, setting a base for long-term growth and development.

She enjoys short, sharp sessions with maximum intensity and some weights thrown in for good measure. For Kiara, education is just as important as the training itself so expect her to spend time talking through your training and answering any questions. She’ll also do what she can to create a training routine that works with your lifestyle, rather than interrupting it.

When she’s not in the studio, chances are Kiara’s travelling. She fulfills her love of travel by working as a personal trainer on cruise ships and exploring some of the world’s most beautiful places.

All in all, Kiara simply wants to equip you with the knowledge, plans and strength you need to create positive change in your life.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement)
  • Certificate III Fitness
  • Certificate IV Fitness
  • Level One Bootcamp Instructor
  • Level Two Bootcamp Instructor
  • Fascia – Optimising Movement Performance Certificate
  • Senior First Aid
  • Fitness Australia Registration Level Two

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