Hard work's easy work

New Zealand born and bred, Darren’s recently made the trip across the Tasman to build on his already impressive fitness career. On top of his certifications as a les mils instructor for RPM and GRIT, Darren spent his youth playing soccer at the highest level.

Darren Robertson

Metabolic Conditioning, Hypertrophy & Strongman Training

After competing for the national New Zealand team and playing against the likes of Manchester United’s Youth Team, Darren faced disappointment when he failed to be scouted at a professional level. But it’s an obstacle that’s made him stronger and guided the way he trains his clients.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, working out for the first time or overcoming a hurdle of your own, Darren wants to make sure you leave each and every session with a sense of achievement. He prides himself on never doing the same session twice and loves to mix things up. With this in mind, he’s adaptable and flexible and if you’ve got ideas and training suggestions he’d love to hear them. Personal training with Darren is a two-way conversation.

When he’s not training, you’ll find Darren watching movies or playing video games – there’s nothing wrong with veging out on the couch every now and again! Finally, Darren believes that hard work is easy work – achieving your goals is simply a matter reframing the challenges in your head, keeping focused on what’s immediately in front of you and getting the job done.


  • Diploma in exercise prescription and performance trainer (Level 5)
  • Certified Les Mills GFI
  • First Aid
  • Fitness Australia Registration Level One
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