Maximise your training with Structured Goal Setting

Setting goals is a very important aspect of your health and fitness journey. There is a difference between “working out” and “training”. The difference between the 2 is that working out is suited towards more random workouts which are mixed up all the time and don’t have much set structured progression or vision. Whereas “Training” there is a goal in mind and there is a structured plan of training blocks which are specific towards progressing your training and ultimately achieving your goal. This is why setting a specific and measurable goal (example: Run 2km time trial in 7 mins etc) instead of “get fit” will determine if you are actually “training” or “exercising”.

How to Set Goals?

A great system/structure to goal setting is to set a what we call is a Outcome Goal( The main priority/performance goal), a Training Goal( a goal in training that directly influences the Outcome Goal) and Process Goal( the process at which will improve and achieve the Training Goal

Goal Setting Examples#

Here are a few different examples of how you could structure the system for a variety of different goals.



These are some great examples of specific goals which we can then know exactly what the process and what it takes to achieve these goals is. From there we can put together a specific long term plan/program to achieve these goals. If you need help setting goals or don’t know where to start make sure to speak to any of us from the RevoPT Family.