Covid-Safe Performance Training & Gym Options Melbourne - RevoPT

Providing a Covid-19 safe environment to help you achieve your health & fitness goals. Options available to you to work out during this challenging time.

2020 has definitely been a rollercoaster for everyone. Working in the fitness industry hasn’t been an exception.

From the 9th of November we have been able to reopen under heavily restricted conditions.

We have gone over and above to ensure the facility has reopened in a Covid Safe way.

We have restricted class numbers to only 6 initially and ensured that we never have more than 20 people on site at any one time. We have increased cleaning schedules significantly and have left a 15 minute window between all appointments to control flow of our members as well as minimise the cross over of attendees and allow for more time to clean and sanitise any equipment between sessions.

We have invested significantly in more equipment throughout the facility to ensure no equipment needs to be shared within any classes as well.

On the 23rd of November restrictions look set to ease once again but to ensure we have covered all bases we will be easing our internal restrictions slowly.

According to the Victorian DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) the restrictions that ease are:

  • Up to 100 participants allowed per facility
  • Class sizes will be increased to a maximum of 20 per class
  • The facility density quota of 1 participant per 8 square meters will be increase to a density quota of 1 participant per 4 square meters

As we are a small appointment only based facility these easing of restrictions will provide welcome relief however we still be working well under the capacity limits and take a more cautious approach overall.

Where face masks are concerned you must have a face mask on you when you are on site however when you are engaged in strenuous activity you may take it off.

We always have disposable face masks on site for anyone that forgets to bring a face mask along with them.

Working out in a small appointment only facility is always a safer option than a large scale commercial gym as we can more closely control numbers and our strict hygiene protocol.

We are abiding by a strict Covid Safe plan. If you wish view our covid safe plan it is available at reception at our facility.


VIRTUAL Livestream Classes

We will continue to offer our VIRTUAL services ongoing as they have been a great addition to our offering.

Our VIRTUAL Livestream classes is expanding again on November the 16th. You can view the current timetable covering both VIRTUAL Livestream and in the Gym Small Group Performance Training here.

Our VIRTUAL Livestream classes are best suited to those still working from home and finding it hard to get to the gym or people who are time poor and want to avoid the more commute to the gym.


VIRTUAL Performance Training

Through the experience of the past 6 months we have been able to become incredibly effective training people via Zoom and video call online. As such we have continued to offer this service in addition to our VIRTUAL Livestream classes.

A virtual one on one performance training session can be extremely effective in helping you to reach your goals even if you have minimal equipment available at home.

You can find our a little more about our VIRTUAL Performance Training here.


One on One and Two on One Performance Training (in the gym)

Being back in the gym has been great for our team. The collaborative approach that being in the same place together is undeniable from that perspective. Also if your goals are strength based we have found that our facility and it’s focus and fit out geared towards high quality strength and conditioning has been invaluable.


Small Group Performance Training

Being back in the gym running our small group training classes has been great. We feel that having very small numbers in these classes has enabled us to keep the hygiene and covid safe standards at the highest level and still provide the camaraderie and team work that group training is renown for.



  • All trainers, workers and volunteers must wear a face mask when working. A face mask is not required while engaging in strenuous exercise. You do have to carry a face mask with you so you can wear it before or after exercising, unless you have a lawful exception
  • Class numbers have been capped to a maximum of 6 for strength training classes and 8 for more cardiovascular based classes. This will be subject to constant review and may change.
  • A 15 minute window is now in place in between all bookings. This is a requirement. For the short term we must ask that you do not arrive too early for your class and after your class you be time efficient as you leave so as we can maintain our limits with regards to density quotas
  • We have a maximum of 20 people on site at our facility. Workers are not needed to be included in the capacity limit. It is a limit on number of volunteers and participants only
  • Please maintain a minimum distance of at least 1.5 metres between participants
  • Hand sanitiser is available at reception. Please use it as you enter
  • You must have your temperature checked and recorded at reception
  • Hand sanitiser is also available throughout the facility.
  • Sanitising wipes are available throughout the gym as it alcohol based cleaning solution for hard surfaces such as barbells and kettlebells. Please feel free to use this before you begin your session but please be aware that you are required to also wipe down all of the equipment you use after your session as well.
  • Towels are compulsory. If you forget your you can buy one from reception.
  • We have implemented a comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting schedule that can be viewed on request
  • We have implemented a comprehensive Covid-Safe plan that you can also view on request
  • All team members will complete Staff Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health Questionnaires that will be completed at the start of each shift
  • If you have any questions about anything here or if you would like some more information about anything listed here please contact me (Luke – Founder/Manager Director) directly on – 0417 590 247