A sticking point in a squat or bench press is a specific point in the lift where you struggle to complete the rep. Adding bands or different exercise variations to your training routine can help you overcome this sticking point and improve your overall strength. 

  1. Resistance bands are a versatile and effective tool for overcoming plateaus in powerlifting. They provide accommodating resistance, which means that the resistance increases as you lift. This makes them particularly effective for targeting sticking points in exercises like the squat and bench press.
    Resistance bands can be added to your existing training routine.
    Start by using them for a few sets each workout and gradually increase as you get comfortable. You can also alternate between using the band and lifting without it to target different sticking points. A resistance band will aid an athlete if they are having trouble at the bottom of a squat or bench press.
  2. Pin squats/bench: Pin squats/bench involve setting the safety pins at the height of your sticking point and performing squats from that position. This helps you target and overcome the sticking point. You should start at a load that you can train effectively at and slowly increase up to what your normal squat/bench level is.
    You should begin by determining your sticking point and setting some safety pins a few CMs below that point.
    Then load the barbell with a load you can perform for a set of 8-12 and slowly increase the weight as you get more comfortable with exercise. You can use pin squats/bench to focus on the middle and top portions of the squat and bench if you have trouble in those areas.
  3. Lastly, isometric holds involve holding the barbell in the sticking point position for a set amount of time. This helps build strength in the sticking point position.
    Firstly you must determine the specific point in the lift where you struggle to complete the rep. You may set some safety pins just below that point in case you need fail or need to do multiple reps.
    Then load the barbell with a weight that you can lift for a few reps and position the bar at the height of your sticking point.
    Hold the bar in the sticking point position for 10-15 seconds, maintaining proper form and technique.
    Repeat the hold for several sets, gradually increasing the time and weight as you become more comfortable with the exercise.