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    Strength is not just about how much weight you can lift - being strong helps to have good posture, avoid pain and best of all complete daily tasks with ease. Elite athletes have strength phases programmed to increase power, joint stability and overall training performance for their skill. Leg strength is a fundamental to jumping higher and bench press directly correlates to ones’ ability to push.

    Strength movements create the foundations for all other body movements you will encounter both in the gym and everyday life. Need to sit on a toilet well guess what, that’s a squat. Pick something up off the ground? Yep, that’s a deadlift.

    Being structured around the fundamental lifts this class helps you get the movements down pat, creating a solid foundation for speeding the movements up in our higher intensity classes or on the field. With the guidance of our expert trainers you will learn safety in movement, encouraging correct bodily alignment, aiding the prevention of injuries in all facets of life.

    Pure Strength is a slower paced class, no rapid-fire repping here, but this doesn't mean your muscles and lungs don't get taxed. Slower pace allows for perfecting technique, which also requires focus and mental strength to keep going when your muscles are shaking. Adequate rest is programmed for you to have full concentration and control in each set you do. Strength is power and power is performance - revolutionize your training, build your foundations and get ultimate results in all facets of life!

    All of our Group Personal Training classes and Strength and Conditioning sessions including these Pure Strength classes are run at our unique Personal Training, Group Personal Training and Performance Training studio at 17A Market Street in South Melbourne.

    We offer your First Session Free which you can book in by hitting the button below. We currently have an Introductory Month of Unlimited Group Personal Training for only $129.00 on our Group Personal Training page or you can purchase each session individually for $40 below.

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